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About Us

Since 1968, Franke’s has built a reputation of excellence based on dependable service and long-term customer satisfaction as a family-owned business. Meeting the needs of our associates, customers, suppliers and community has been a primary conduit for building strong relationships. Franke’s Wood Products also prides itself in maintaining a culture of inclusivity, diversity and transparency. Franke’s, expanding operations and maintaining lifelong client relationships.

Meet Bill

In 1968 Bill Franke and his Step Father start the Falls Fibre Disc Company and begin supplying the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company with packaging products for conveyor belt. The operation began in a 1000 square foot pole building on less than an acre of property. Over the last 30 years Bill’s children have been carrying on the legacy of Franke’s, expanding operations and maintaining lifelong client relationships.

How it started

Our future

We Value Our Customer Relationships

We continue the Franke Family tradition of sincere customer care in a business relationship based on integrity and trust. We provide quality wood products and logistical services that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations at competitive prices with unmatched expertise.

Our team prides itself in being a proactive company when it comes to finding new ways to save our customers money. We actively research, apply and test new techniques, processes and product lines that make us more efficient, enabling us to lower our pricing for clients.


We Value Our Community

We are committed to our community by playing an active role in the support of local economic growth and the programs that actively demonstrate respect for the human spirit. We continue to be a conscientious neighbor with sustainable and environmentally friendly operations.

We Value Our Associates

We provide a well-maintained, safe working environment for all associates, while demonstrating respect for each employee with recognition for their contribution, competitive wages, benefits and opportunities for personal and professional development. Franke’s currently employs 40+ associates and also provides job opportunities for individuals through Work Net and the West Central Correctional Facility, all of whom the Franke family consider family.

Our Locations

Franke’s Wood Products has been centrally located in Marysville since 1968. Contact us to schedule a tour of our facility.

81 Mill St Suite 300 Gahanna,
OH 43230 USA.
Location 281 Mill St Suite 300 Gahanna, OH 43230
Location 2 81 Mill St Suite 300 Gahanna, OH 43230