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On-Site Packaging

In addition to manufacturing packaging products, Franke’s provides on-site packaging services for their clients. Our spectrum of services can include:

  • On-site manufacturing of packaging products, and final packing of client’s product for shipment
  • Hybrid model of on-site packaging:
    • Franke’s will build the majority of packaging at their location and transport to the customer’s site
    • On-site, Franke’s associates will pack client’s product while completing the last steps of packaging assembly to finalize for shipment

Process for scoping services:

  • Franke’s will need a preliminary on-site visit to document and evaluate requirements for packaging (product, process, and labor)
  • Franke’s will take notes and put together an initial plan for the project, ideally making revisions for optimization with client collaboration
  • After finalizing, Franke’s will deliver a quote for the requested services as well as a project plan/schedule

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