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Industrial Lumber Sales

Franke’s has been operating and developing their network in the milling industry for many years, and because of our efforts and hard work, we have established an extensive sourcing network in industrial lumber. Therefore, when it comes to sourcing for industrial clients, Franke’s is the optimal choice. Our network has allowed us to offer a convenient sourcing option at competitive prices! With Franke’s as your lumber supplier, you can be sure that you will receive a prompt and reliable service. Franke’s has competitive pricing on some of the following materials:




Given the fluctuation of pricing within wood supply, pricing is dynamic and interested parties should contact Franke’s directly for accurate pricing and to discuss any needed services.

Aside from supplying Industrial lumber needs, Franke’s has the machinery capable of cutting to specification. In addition, Franke’s can provide delivery services for semi-load or full bundle sales for our clients’ convenience.

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