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We believe what happens tomorrow is determined by what we do today.

Sustainability Philosophy

Franke’s has prioritized sustainability as a key tenet of their operational strategy, while recognizing the responsibility of the industry as a whole to rectify previous impacts and general misconceptions. Specifically, Franke’s has approached and met their multifaceted goals through improvements as outlined below:


Business processes are digital. Design specs, work orders, packing slips, and invoicing are electronic. Production uses tablets for communication between management and floor supervisors. Material handlers and production staff also use tablets. Inventory and direct deposit replace paper for improved throughput and less waste.

Freight Optimization

Maximizing fuel efficiency is key to sustainable and cost-effective logistics. Full-load deliveries and GPS monitoring reduce trips and optimize fuel usage. Franke's partners with 3PL providers who have committed sustainability measures in place. A comprehensive approach to logistics and partnerships help us achieve our sustainability goals.

Green Building Initiatives:

Franke’s has invested and continues to invest in the following building enhancements:

  • Installing white reflective coating and insulating to R-25 on roof.
  • Wood port for reduced material spoilage
  • Solar panels for full electrification.
  • The installation of LED plant lighting and high efficiency windows.
  • Newly installed HVAC and water purification systems in place.

Zero-Waste and Low Impact Lumber Operations and Sourcing:

We eliminate wasted lumber in production by processing unusable material into smaller components or converting it into animal bedding and heating pellets. We also minimize sourcing from "old growth" forests while using low-grade lumber in our products. This approach helps reduce wildfire occurrences and disease spread.