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Franke’s has refined their ability to support all packaging design requirements, establishing themselves as a trusted partner to their network of clients for all current and future packaging needs.
Franke’s is able to accommodate tailored packaging design through two specific paths of collaboration:

Standard Pallet Design

Franke’s Wood Products utilizes the Pallet Design System (PDS) in the designing and manufacturing of their pallets and wood packaging products. PDS is an engineering design tool that configures the optimum pallet by scientifically determining the safe load carrying capacity, while balancing the performance and material quantities needed. The system is also able of incorporating inputs from a customer’s requirements to deliver the blueprint of a safe and cost effective pallet, while ensuring weight carrying specifications and performance requirements for a given product are met.

Tailored Packaging Design

Through years of experience, and prior to automated software, Franke’s has accumulated extensive package engineering expertise across a multitude of industries.

Franke’s has organically grown an in-house package engineering team throughout their 40 year history. They have established the in-house expertise to design non-standard, and highly complex packaging solutions tailored for specific industries, applications, and product requirements.

In addition, Franke’s has established partnerships with non-wood based packaging suppliers (i.e. corrugated, foam, etc) in which collaborative design and manufacturing processes are frequently executed.

Bring your problem or limitation to Franke’s, and they will embrace the challenge to configure a solution that meets the function and cost.

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