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Standard & Custom Wood Pallets

Franke’s has been in the pallet business for over 50 years, developing the ability to meet any requirement at scale for our clients’ wood pallet needs. Franke’s often has stock inventory of common/standard sizes ready for expedited shipment.


Commonly, Franke’s will accommodate their client’s spec requirements into their production schedule for requested delivery(s). In addition, with the expertise of Franke’s in-house packaging design team, formal specifications are not necessary, as they have the in-house capability to take their customer’s input (product size/weight, freight requirements, shipping requirements, etc) to design a tailored, cost-effective solution.


Pallet Options

In addition, a wide variety of options are available in order to best satisfy all unique requirements:
  • Hardwood, softwood, sheeting (depending on weight requirements, cost preferences, and product dimensions)
  • 2-way and 4-way pallets are available with the following construction options:
    • Stringer
    • Block
    • Skid
    • Heat-Treated (ISPM-15 compliance) or Non Heat-Treated
    • New and Recycled
    • Labeling
    • Plastic

Franke’s has a multitude of added component customization (steel, foam, saddles, braces, etc).


In summary, there is no specification of pallet that Franke’s cannot accommodate. Franke’s prides themselves on their ability to provide a dependable product to meet their client’s supply chain needs, while ensuring cost optimization in the design.

Standard Pallets Columbus Ohio

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