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For Applicants:

At Franke’s, we are committed to providing equal opportunity for all candidates, including those who have been impacted by the criminal legal system. We believe in the potential for growth, redemption, and contribution that every individual possesses.

As part of our thorough hiring process, we conduct background checks to ensure the safety and security of our workplace, employees, and customers. Importantly, background checks are only initiated after a candidate has successfully completed an interview and received a conditional job offer.

We conduct individualized assessments, considering the nature and gravity of any criminal convictions in relation to the specific job duties of the position for which you are being considered. Our goal is to provide a fair opportunity to qualified applicants who have been impacted by the criminal legal system.

An offer of employment will only be rescinded if, after a thorough review, we determine that there is a clear and direct conflict between the nature of your criminal record and the responsibilities associated with the position.

We encourage open communication and questions regarding our hiring process.

The “Fair Chance Disclosure” reflects our dedication to transparency, inclusivity, and fair-chance hiring, as we strive to attract and hire the best talent while providing opportunities for all.

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