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Franke’s, headquartered right outside of Columbus Ohio, has accumulated decades of experience providing enterprise and local business the partner they need for all export crating needs. Our crating services, which include custom through standard applications, will provide your organization a one stop shop for all your domestic and export shipping requirements. Aside from products, Franke’s has experience providing numerous value-added services to become a wholistic supply chain partner for our client’s operations. Lastly, Franke’s has the equipment and procedures established to meet all the standards of an ISPM 15 certified supplier to ship internationally.

Custom Crating and Services

Franke’s packaging engineering group can work with your team to design tailored freight shipping products along with services your team needs across a multitude of use-cases and crating styles. Example product and services use-cases:

  • Heavy equipment shipping (industrial machine relocation and exporting)
  • Sensitive equipment transport (including the incorporation of dessicants, foam, etc) to reduce or eliminate shipping failures
  • On-site packing, within a set geographic range, Franke’s can supplement your operations by providing our own personnel to come on-site and provide this value-added service to reduce the need for allocating storage and direct labor
  • Just-in-time Inventory (JIT), and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) are additional value-added services our client’s find valuable in our partnership
  • Ability to design and provide crates for delivery that have the bases and panels separated, optimizing warehouse space and flexible in-house packaging
  • Engineered drawings can be provided to the client to have on record

Open Wood Crate

  • The most cost-effective crating solution, an upgraded option in protection from a pallets approach
  • The base is designed to meet your equipment or product specification (including weight capacity, fastening, and deck spacing requirements)
  • Open Walled sides and ends are designed and attached to the base for added protection
  • Although they are not fully enclosed sides and ends, a design can be made to incorporate a lid with the capacity tolerance for stacking during shipping
  • Along with the closed wood crating option; side, end, and lid panels can be shipped unattached to optimize freight costs and in-house warehousing space until ready for export packing
  • Heat Treated and certified crating, with stamping in necessary locations regardless of whether delivered assembled or broken down
  • Some customers prefer open sided without a cost preference in mind, they want their product visible during shipment so that the transporters understand what level of sensitivity is in their hands and to allow more simple inspections in transit
  • No minimum order quantities, unit-based discounting can be provided for higher volumes
  • 2-Way or 4-Way entry options can be provided to meet specifications

Closed Wood Crating

  • Provides a fully enclosed solution for maximum protection and stacking efficiency
  • Custom through standard options, ranging from the smallest boxes to large industrial applications
  • Panels and Bases can be preassembled or delivered separately
  • Options to enhance with further packaging materials (i.e foam, desiccant, braces, cradles, fillers, etc)
  • On-site personnel can be provided to complete shipment, on-site packaging, and final assembly for shipping
  • Heat Treated and certified crating, ready for international shipping
  • No minimum order quantities, unit-based discounting can be provided for higher volumes
  • 2-Way or 4-way entry options can be provided to meet specifications

Fastener Free Packing

  • Designed in-house by Franke’s engineering team, a fastener free crating option can be designed and manufactured as an alternative option
  • Fastener free crating requires no nails or screws, and can be assembled on-site through a notching mechanism
  • No minimum ordering quantities, additional discounting available for higher volumes
  • Heat-Treated and certified for international shipping compliance

Overall benefits of the Fastener Free Design:

  • Reduction of safety risk, as no nail gun or stapler needed for final assembly
  • Reduction of labor requirements for final assembly, as it’s a quick stacking process
  • Offers the client flexibility to place their product on the base and assemble the walls rather than lifting and placing the product after crate construction
  • For unloading and unpacking, the walls can be broken down to simplify the process at the final destination to unload the product
  • Minimizes warehousing requirements for re-use, as even assembled crates can be easily broken back down and stacked for future use
  • Heat treated export stamping applied to the base and side pieces to eliminate the risk and headache of international shipping compliance

Franke’s process for tailoring a reliable and predictable partnership

If an NDA is necessary, we will work with you to accomplish this.

Understanding key challenges, and the problem at hand (existing quality issues, new to export packaging, new product line, etc)

What added services are necessary or provided by your existing vendor to streamline your operations? Areas such as:

  • Just in time inventory (JIT)
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Direct Franke’s labor service to finalize in-house packaging to finalize for shipment
  • Lead time requirements
  • Packaging waste disposal
  • Sharing existing engineering specifications
  • Providing product details that the packaging will be designed for
  • Annual or monthly volume requirements

Franke’s team will meet internally to devise a wholistic solution based on your unique product requirements, service expectations, and contractual terms to provide:

  • A volume-based quote for each individual SKU
  • A list of value-added services with their associated process details, as well as lead time expectations for partnership
  • Franke’s in-house developed product drawings (if no drawing was provided by the client, or if design changes were formulated)
  • Freight details and payment terms

The Franke’s and client operations or purchasing team meet to agree to move into partnership, make necessary adjustments, or agree to dissolve current engagement

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